What is the best beach in krabi thailand

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Thailand is home to some of the best beaches in the world. Amongst them, the ones in Krabi are said to be the prettiest. Well, here is a pick of the best 9 beaches in Krabi that you should add to your bucket list right now. No list of best beaches in the world is complete without the mention of Railay beach.

Flanked by towering limestone cliffs and backed by dense mangroves and coconut palms, the landscape makes it look like a private island. The rocky terrain around the beach makes it the mecca of rock-climbing. What to Do There: Lounge about in the sand, swim in its calm waters or try your hand at rock climbing. Why you should visit: Hands down, one of the best beaches in the world, not just Krabi. This is box title. How to get there: Railay is cut off from the mainland, so it can be reached be a ferry from Ao Nang Beach, Krabi Town or a little pier in the village of Ao Nammao.

Phra Nang is the sister beach of Railay, located just 10 minutes away. What to Do There: There are fascinating caves that you can explore a guide is not needed. And the water has excellent visibility, making it ideal for a splash. Why you should visit: You get really amazing views of massive rocks jutting out from the sea. The atmosphere is pretty laidback with most travelers just lounging about on the beach with a beer in hand.

Unless, you are a rock-climber. Both beginners and veterans can give it a shot. What to Do There: Just relax on the fine powdery sand and stare into the horizon. If you are an adventure freak, then you can try rock climbing on those gigantic cliffs. Why you should visit: If you are a backpacker who wants a place to just unwind, then Tonsai is the place to go. Ao Nang is the centre of the travel universe in Krabi. So if you are looking for an action-packed day, then you should head to Ao Nang.

The beach is lined with sundecks for you to lounge about. If you are a water baby, you can enjoy a swim in its safe waters. What to Do There: You can enjoy a swim or find a secluded patch to just laze around. What to Do There: Relax under the shade of trees and gaze at the stunning offshore vistas Why you should visit: Its one of those places which will give you the feeling of being on a private beach.

Nopparat Thara is a beach close to Ao Nang and a great place to just while away your afternoon or just enjoy a picnic. Its sandy shore stretches for miles, meaning a private patch is always available for you. What to Do There: You can sunbathe, snorkel or hire a long-tail boat to cruise along the coves. The sunset views from here are gorgeous too.

Klong Muang is the luxury resort capital of Krabi with many 5 star resorts strewn along the beach. The beach has beautiful views, lovely coconut palm trees for shade and a tranquil setting. What to Do There: Just plant yourself under a tree, read a book and forget the world!

Why you should visit: Its one of the most secluded beaches in Krabi. The waters are aquamarine in color and much calmer than Ao Nang, so you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the waters. What to Do There: Swim in its crystal clear waters and soak in the solitude Why you should visit: Its one of the lesser known beaches, so you can have the beach entirely to yourself.

Tucked between towering limestone karsts dripping in lush greenery, Ao Nang Centara is the perfect beach. The only way to spot it is if you pass by it on a boat. Note: Only guests of Centara Resort have access to this beach. Photo by Thailand Destiny. Railay Beach by Rian Deboer via Instagram. Photo by Guilherme Monterio via Instagram. Photo by Thailand on Instagram. Photo by Nick Luff via Instagram.

How to get there: You can take a ferry from Ao Nang beach to reach Tonsai. Photo by Micky Diary on Instagram. Photo by Stanislav on Instagram. Photo by Lucie Somny on Instagram. Photo by Michaela via Instagram. Photo by Francesca on Instagram. Photo by Florentina on Instagram. Photo by Anouk on Instagram.

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What is the best beach in krabi thailand

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9 Best Beaches in Krabi: What To Do & Why To Visit Them