What makes a man feel loved

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Love. And believe it or not, much like you, your boyfriend or husband wants to feel loved and respected too. And if your hubby is going through a rough time, the only one who can make his day brighter and better is you, trust me. Well, the truth is that a man wants to feel like a real man. He has this desire to feel needed by a special someone, meaning you.

As I said earlier, small things really do make a difference when it comes to men. Men love to confirm their masculinity and confidence by making sure everyone around them knows they can handle stuff on their own.

He needs to get that affirmation that he can accomplish something on his own. He may perceive it as you doubting his ability to handle things. Your man might not always interpret you helping him as an act of kindness. True love means having confidence in his ability to figure something out all by himself. I know that life can be difficult sometimes, but how many times can you say that you were there for him when he needed it?

Maybe you can ask your partner to go out with you and surprise him with an unexpected visit to a game or something similar? Everybody needs some me-time eventually. This is especially hard to come to terms with when both partners are working and not seeing each other a whole lot. You might think that he is casting you aside if he expresses the need for some alone time. If you want to steer clear of being clingy or needy, while at the same time make your man feel loved and respected, you can suggest to your partner to schedule your respective alone times.

Unless he completely shuts you down and becomes absorbed in his alone time, your separateness can prove to be beneficial. And if you want to make a man feel loved and respected, you can do that by showing appreciation to him. A real man sacrifices a lot to make his woman feel happy. Most of the time, men have a hard time listening to women, but ever so often it happens that women do the same thing too. If you want to make your husband or boyfriend feel loved and respected, then listen to him. Be attentive to what he has to say and make sure to remember the little things he mentions.

You may be bored, but remember your partner is opening up about things that make him feel vulnerable. Do you support him in his goals and dreams as he supports you? Do you encourage him to go after his dreams or do you tear him down? A real man just wants his woman to support him in his endeavors. Every once in a while, a man needs a supportive hand, and that means you listening to what he has to say and offering sympathy to help soothe his pain.

If you want your man to feel loved and respected, be his safe haven. Be the place he constantly goes back to and asks for help when he needs it. Pay him a compliment once in a while. If he does something well, like fixing the sink or repairing the fence, tell him how great of a boyfriend or husband he is.

Men love feeling masculine and useful in front of others. Instead, boost his confidence by praising him. Tell him how good he smells. By acknowledging your guy with genuine admiration, it will make him feel loved and respected. You know that feeling you get when you get home and there are flowers waiting for you on the table? Do something for him on special occasions. A healthy and happy relationship is all about give-and-take.

Remember, sometimes they act like big kids. And what do kids like most? Yes, gifts! If you really want to make your man feel loved and respected, you have to boost his ego once in a while. Guys love to fix things and they often have wise insight into ways to overcome certain challenges and problems.

You may not like his hobby now, but after some time you might enjoy riding a bike with him or playing video games together. If you try to show interest in the things he loves, you might be amazed at how well you two connect afterward. Let him enjoy them in his alone time and you do your thing.

But I also want to remind you that love can also be expressed through words, not just actions and how you treat someone. I really wanted to see you genuinely happy without that hint of sadness in the back of […]. That age-old question: How to make a man feel loved and respected? The basic principle is that we all want to feel loved, right?

What makes a man feel loved

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