What makes you love someone

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So what are the reasons to love someone? Is it the woozy feeling of new affection? Or is it the emotional confines hitting you down? Is it the two hands touching or the two souls thumping? Or the massive and supernatural adrenaline rush of it is the meaning of true love.

Understanding things is perhaps how we want the whole thing to be, right? Nevertheless, life is full of wonders. And every now and then, we come across questions in life that we know no answers of. At times, we abide by the notion as to why we might have fallen for somebody who is absolutely contrasting to our personality. A while ago, I used to consider that love is nothing but a series of choices.

I believed that the reasons to love someone can be your chemistry, your values, your understanding, your judgment, your intellect, where you are in your lives, what you want and the list goes on and on. But not anymore!

At the moment, I believe, love is something like a tube light. Something that flickers and gleams. You get an irresistible and a tempting feeling. It is something that hits you like a sack of stones or a missile, maybe ;. When it happens, you get to know. But one thing is for sure. The choice to fall in love with somebody is not just an emotion; it is an action.

Love calls for doing something. It could mean putting your needs apart for somebody who was just a stranger, a moment before. And a longstanding question, what are the reasons to love someone, has more than a few answers. Some reasons may be great, some not so good. There are more than a few kinds of love, from friendly to platonic to sexual to idealistic and the world over. So, what does love feel like? You can dislike, hate, be hopping mad, and wish somebody to walk out of your life and still be in love. You can get hit out by them again and again and still discover a love for them in your heart.

In fact, reasons, why you love someone, are not clearly deated as we all experience it in a different way. So, let us figure out reasons to love someone. Here, we are sharing what makes us fall in love as hard as we can. There can be good or bad reasons to love someone. And understanding why do you love someone is the key to a pleasant life. So, all set to lay your eyes on the top 10 reasons to love someone? Here we go! Love truly gives you wings. It makes you feel more self-confident, enthusiastic, in control, whole-hearted than you feel while facing the world on your own.

Just think about it! When you know that you have a constant supporter or a cheerer on your side, you feel more motivated towards following your dreams and living the life to the fullest. Likewise, when somebody is always reminding you of why they love you, it obviously feels better. You feel valued and treasured, and that is something to feel extremely thankful for. And beyond doubt, you have to conduct yourself in a definite way around unfamiliar persons.

But around your lover, you can be as cranky, irritable, cheerful, immature, or creepy as you want. You just do it. So, again, catch on that you let them know how much you adore the fact that you can be you with or around them. Well, they may perhaps care about you, but you are not a part of their super-fast life. So they are more worried about themselves and the persons who are a direct part of their life, right?

Your lover, however, cares a lot about you. You are a ificant part of their life and they think about you every so often, do little things that make you feel better, reach out to you, and make you feel important. You are all over their mind and thoughts all the time. Somebody is waiting for you, and that is quite wonderful and worthy of your love! Relationships need to be worked on. They need tolerance, understanding, and at times even compromise or finding the middle ground.

So, if your companion is still standing by your side, then they are certainly doing stuff to make your relationship work. They are determined to not give up on YOU. They are determined to not give up on a happy relationship with you. They are ready to put in in the effort for they care for you. And you must undeniably list it as one of the reasons why you love someone. No one can ever understand you like your lover does. Not your mom, sister, or your best friend. They know you pretty well, and as a result, comprehend why you do what-so-ever you do. And indeed, having somebody who understands you on that kind of level is a grand feeling and well worth conveying your love for!

Well, this one is my favourite reasons why you love someone! Your partner would wear their heart on their sleeve. They just tell you what they feel as they think you are worthy of knowing them. They make you believe in love letters. They make you believe that love is as true as you make it be. They might have chosen somebody else or even chosen themselves over you. So, the fact that they picked you to share their beautiful life with has to be a compliment to you.

They pretty much believe that they would heartily let go of concentrating on themselves and start concentrating on you as well. You ought to love them for that, without any doubt. In an ideal world, reasons, why you love someone, is because you find a security, comfort, and care for them.

They are someone you feel safe expressing your deepest, gloomiest secrets and fears to. And building a deep, gratifying and heartening faith is the foundation of falling in love with somebody. It makes you believe that they are always there for you, no matter what happens. In the same way, you want to be there for them, no matter whatever happens in your life.

Not needy, but committed and emotionally involved. They give you that deep, heartfelt and fuzzy feeling. You feel edgy for you care for them. You feel uneasy because you want them to love you back. One of the major reasons to love someone is because they make you feel good about yourself. You love them because they try to find happiness in your life making your life more enriched and better.

What makes you love someone

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