What type of kiss are you

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Scroll To Start Quiz. No, never. If the feeling is there and the moment is right, sure. I kiss when I feel like it, I don't care which date it is. Gentle, soft, sensual. Long, deep, mind-blowing. Hot, passionate, exciting. Spontaneous and sweet. I've kissed someone I've just recently met, but I wouldn't call them a stranger. No, I like to get to know the person before we kiss. Yes, a couple of times. No, but I'm not against it. Too much tongue or saliva. A kiss that's boring and passive.

A kiss that's aggressive and happens too soon. A kiss without any chemistry. Whenever I feel the chemistry. When the moment is right. After a couple of dates. If we feel the sparks? Right away. Passion and charisma. A romantic mind. A playful personality. A spontaneous burp. Bad breath. My ex seeing us. The kiss feeling sloppy.

Fun and excitement. Passion and partnership. Love and a sense of belonging. Adventures and new beginnings. A walk on the beach. Going to a pub or a bar. Going to an elegant, romantic restaurant. Going on a long, scenic motorcycle ride. What are your other two wishes? Because Eiffel for you. Cause I want a piece of that. Bad manners. ish personality. When a person has no passion. When the person turns out to be boring. I may be. Yes, I love the teasing game. Yes, I get nervous when I'm around them and I avoid eye contact. No, I love the long, penetrating stares.

Not really. Sometimes I think my eyes speak everything my heart wants so I try to hide it. Yes, I have. Kind of, but they deserved it. No, I would never do that. No, but someone has ghosted me. With a quick smooch. With a hug and a soft kiss. I give them a kiss and grab their behind. I give them a kiss on the cheek. Passion is everything.

Warm and fuzzy. A bit embarrassed if they're over the top. I'd just smile and continue with the kiss. Sure, consent is sexy. Yes, especially if they don't know the person too well. I wouldn't mind it, but I don't think it's necessary. Only if it's not obvious that a kiss is wanted.

A beach. A sofa at home. A club. A car. Not in the middle of the sidewalk or street, but yes, I don't see why I should hide. No, except for short kisses on the cheek. There's a time and place for everything. I prefer not to. Hip hop. Something sensual like jazz or blues. Some hot RnB playlist. Rock 'n' Roll.

What type of kiss are you

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Know All About Different Types of Kisses And What They Mean