Where do single moms go to meet men

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I have no idea where to go to meet men, I do the same as you do, work, church, Target its closser then Walmart , and home. Last time I checked I didn't have any men here either, go figure. I have been on and off for a year or two. You can meet some really nice guy and some creeps. Its fun for conversation. I've just reconnected sort of with a guy I met online. He lives about 20 mins away from me, and was really nice.

We went on a few dates maybe about 2 years ago, then he had to leave to go out of town and we lost touch with each other. He ed me when I was pregnant with my son and I told him all about it and he was very supportive. I'm very tempted to go cause he never gave me any reason to believe he's a jerkface like all the other men I've been with, including my SD. I just don't know if I should take the chance to see him again or not. Be cautious though if you decide to go the online route because there are some really nice men on there,but there are also some real weirdo's too.

You don't want to get you or your LO in any tight situations. LOL I would not go to Walmart to meet a man, its just too busy in that place to have even 5 minutes to talk to someone, much less find a suitable person to go on a date with. Grocery store sometimes works, or the mall.

Tacky I know. Good luck to you. You deseve it and if he is a nice guy, whats the harm? What site do you go to? I heard that is very common on craigs list Hopefully you will find a sweet genuine man there. I am really just wondering if those kind of men exist?! It would be deceitful if you didn't. However I wouldn't list ages or sex of the child. I wouldn't talk to much about them at all, unless you actually meet the person and spend a lot of time with them.

I am always Leary of predators. It is so scary meeting men when you have LO's. Give online a try. Yes there are weirdos online, but there are weirdos everywhere. I've met guys in real life and online and neither one is better or more safe. Use your head no matter what.

Yes, tell them you have . I agree its deceitful not too and they need to understand where your priorities are. How would you feel if you dated a guy and never knew why he was cancelling on you only to find out it was his child you knew nothing about?

I did online dating for same reason I'm busy, I don't want to be hit on with my 5 year old with me and the only places I go without him is work. I'm not against dating at work but most guys here are really old compared to me :. Single Parents where do single moms go to meet men? Original poster's comments 2. Keep us posted on your search for love, and leave no details out! I'm not against dating at work but most guys here are really old compared to me : Janet.

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Where do single moms go to meet men

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Where to Meet Guys When You’re a Single Mom