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Forgot your password? We all know how it's usually the husbands that bring up swinging to their wives. But what if you know that your wife will shoot down swinging? Would it be easier to convice her to become a nudist and then go from there? In my opinion, a man who tries to coax his wife into swinging is headed for trouble. If you know she'll not be convinced, pick another sport. Horseback riding is relaxing. Especially for women. When a woman spends an hour or so clasping to an pound clit-massager with her legs, her attitude often changes.

I think a couple gets into swinging by steps. Decide if both understand the difference between "making love" and "fucking," and go from there. Just my opinion on this topic. However, if the issue here is trying to convince her to become interested in swinging, I really think you are not going down the right path.

As a couple, you both have to be on the same on the issue, comfortable about it, and in agreement with it. If not, she may become resentful and feel she is being pushed into something. We have met couples in situations whereby either the male or the female was not entirely comfortable with the whole LS approach and it ends up like the less interested party feeling like they are "taking one for the team" and is just putting up to keep the other partner satisfied.

This usually does not end well. We have been involved long enough to pick up on this type of situation and never push the issue with anyone. We are all different and the LS is not always meant for all couples or all individuals. If the comfort level is not there just move on to something that you both are comfortable with and will not cause problems with your relationship. BTW, in our case, it was my wife who initially openly brought up the subject of exploring the lifestyle. We both openly talked about it ourselves, investigated things on the internet, and met and chatted with couples in the LS before ever taking our first steps in meeting and exploring the LS with another couple.

And remember, the vast majority of nudist areas are not swingers areas. They get positively angry if they see any kind of sexual behavior, and there's kids running around. Very free, not not very sexy sometimes. Ask her. If she shoots down the idea, drop it and move on with your life.

Simple, easy, no fuss, no drama. It really depends on the couple, what are perceived as limits, as barriers, and as opportunities. Perhaps one can begin by acknowledging that many women are socialized by men towards body shame, sex shame, and pleasure shame. Many women are told from early in their lives that exposure of their bodies is sinful, sex is purely procreational and never recreational, and that the pursuit of pleasure le to hell and damnation. That destructive orientation has been used by men for centuries to exercise control and maintain power, and is reinforced even today.

Dragging an unwilling spouse into nude recreation much less swinging is wrong for all sorts of reasons, not the least of which is that is will be perceived as a sort of public shaming. On the other hand, supporting a spouse's liberation from shame is a wonderful act for both members of the couple. Motive matters, actions matter, love and support matter most of all. My wife actually suggested it to me. Dang, she's always doing things out of order. If you think it's bad that she'll shoot down the swinging idea, wait until you push too much and she takes half your stuff.

How do you "know" your wife is against swinging? Have you opened a dialogue with her on the subject? Or, are you just assuming you know her well enough to read her mind? Hint: Women are chock full of surprises and their attitudes, opinions, tastes, etc. There was a time when my wife would never have entertained having sex outside of our marriage. And I wouldn't have, either. We both evolved. One does not "become" a nudist. Nudism is simply being nude. It doesn't require a conversion. Others are comfortable being nude around other people in the proper circumstances for example, at a nude beach like the ones we have here in southern Florida.

Ann and I are nude as often as possible. We are fortunate to have a living environment that affords a great deal of privacy and we can be nude both inside and outside of our home without disturbing our neighbors or being disturbed by them more likely. Also, we belong to a social circle of people who are comfortable being nude together.

Imagine a backyard pool party with friends--the only difference being everyone forgot to bring their swim suits. The "novelty" wears off quite quickly. You seem to equate nudism with sexuality. They have almost no correlation. A trip to a nude beach will squelch that notion in your mind fairly quickly. It's just ordinary people sunning themselves with the last bits of clothing removed. The average age tends to skew older, I'm estimating 60 and up. Not many "hard bodies" to be found. And, as with any other kind of activity, one is expected to follow proper etiquette. People tend to maintain ificant distance from each other even more so today thanks to the pandemic.

Ogling is not only in bad taste, it will get you invited to leave. Any overtly sexual behavior is illegal. At the nude beach we frequent, there is an organization of volunteers who act as ambassadors to ensure a friendly and wholesome environment is maintained. Creeps are reported to the local police. You are correct about one aspect of nudism: Based upon our experience over the years, we believe nudists are, by definition, more "free" in their thinking and actions and are less likely to adhere to some of the dogmatic limits that society places on people this is even more true for committed naturists.

And, certainly, they are less judgmental about alternative ways of living. I do believe women in particular find being nude liberating because they so often have body image issues regardless of how beautiful they are. It is wonderful to shed the last little bit of clothes and stop worrying about how you "look".

The sun and waves don't care. A nude beach is a good first step into the Lifestyle. It's safe with no pressure or expectation of sex, yet by virtue of all the naked bodies, and the exhibitionist aspect, it tends to be a hot, sexually charged experience for a couple. It's how we got into the LS. We started going to nude beaches, then on vacation we visited a few nudist resorts If your wife gives an enthusiastic "Yes" to visiting nude beaches i think it's an indicator she is open-minded enough to check out the swing scene eventually.

If she is like "No way" that's also an indicator. I think it's a legit first step. Keep in mind things may never go past the first step and let things flow naturally - no pressure. Its headquarters are in our backyard in Kissimmee, Florida. The collective purpose of these organizations, big and small, is to promote wholesome, family-friendly venues for nude recreation.

Public nude beaches are the farthest thing from " At the public nude beach we frequent here in Florida, it is not unusual to see families with children. Attending a nude beach at a adult-oriented resort i. Those venues are oriented towards creating a highly sexualized atmosphere. Being nude in that setting takes on a completely different meaning and caters to a different clientele. People who choose to attend one of these kinds of venues do so for the specific purpose of being in a "hot, sexually charged" atmosphere.

And, yes, you will definitely find your fair share of "lifestylers" in attendance--especially during "takeovers" when the resorts are almost entirely filled with swingers. Getting too frisky at a nude beach is a good way to get slapped with a violation that just might land you on a sex offender's list. But, especially for new couples, you will likely feel the sexual energy simply by walking around and perhaps engaging in friendly conversation with fellow nudists. We don't have to get touchy-feely to get turned on at the nude beach.

When we get back home we literally rip each other's clothes off. If you just cannot talk openly about sex, fantasies, and swinging, then YOU are not ready, let alone your wife. Work on being able to communicate first, then worry about the next step.

In that environment we had a nice chat topless with some swingers and i drank too much but thats it lol. Another time we went nude all weekend at a resort where there were swingers but it wasnt a requirement you be a swinger to be there of course. So we knew ogling too much etc might not go over well.

Women wanting to get fucked hookgunnison beach sunday

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