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The small Chorkie is a mix between the Yorkshire terrier Yorkies and the Chihuahua. The popularity of this cute much loved dog surged during the 90s when the phenomenon of small dogs, especially Chihuahuas took off. The Chorkie has a claim to fame and was the much-coveted dog face of the popular fast food chain Taco Bell.

Since then, very few people have been able to resist its sweet tiny face with big eyes and a distinctly long tongue. Depending on its parents, the Chorkie can be different sizes. It can be a tall leggy dog, or it could have shorter legs like the Yorkshire terrier. These teacup dogs come in a variety of colors and can be red, gray, brown, or black, with some even changing their color with each season. As these dogs grow older, the longer hair around the muzzle begins to gray. Depending on its parentage will depend on the size of the ears, and Chorkies can either have large or short ears that can be rounded or triangular like the Chihuahua.

Surprisingly this dog has a strong mouth and even stronger teeth, which form a slight under-bite. While the Chihuahua can be a yappy and sometimes aggressive dog, the Chihuahua Yorkshire terrier mix is most certainly not. This is an extremely loyal dog, and it almost has the traits of . It will behave on command and will do anything to please its owners. This is a sociable dog and will make friends easily with other people and with other family pets as it adapts well to different situations. This particular dog is one of the smallest dog breeds and usually only weighs between lbs 2.

If cared for properly the Chorkie can enjoy a long life and the average life expectancy is 15 years. The Chorkie does not have any major health concerns, but it may sometimes suffer the same conditions as other toy breeds because of their small leg ts. Rarely these dogs have been reported to suffer from hypoglycemia. There are no known inherited problems. Feeding the Chorkie at small intervals rather than one big meal will help maintain its blood sugar level, and they will be less prone to suffering the effects of hypoglycemia.

It is a suitable dog to keep in an apartment or a condo, but owners must make sure they walk their dogs on a regular basis to get rid of their energy and lessen their barking. The Chorkie likes being outdoors and needs to be walked daily mostly to let off some of its steam as it is quite capable of exercising itself by walking around from room to room in the house. Chorkies love walking, but it will go through bursts of energy, and then all of a sudden get quiet and tired, which is why it is recommended to carry the dog part of the way if going out for long walks.

Your dog typically needs 40 calories per pound they weigh. These dogs can range from eight to fifteen pounds. A Yorkie Chihuahua mix can live a range of ten to fifteen years. This is quite a long time compared to other dog breeds. Keep your dog happy and healthy and if you have any concerns consult your local veterinarian. This dog tends to get dirty very quickly; however, too much bathing can cause its skin to become irritated. Sometimes it is sufficient to just wipe the Chorkie down with a wet cloth instead of giving it a full bath.

As you already know from this article, The Chorkie is a mixture of a Yorkshire Terrier, and a Chihuahua mixed together. What really made this deer breed so popular was the fact that makes popular celebrities in the 90s started carrying these tiny dogs with them everywhere.

People saw what the celebrities were doing and started doing the same thing. Still today, this breed is very popular. You will typically see this breed with a black nose and brown eyes. Other eye colors are pretty rare. The chorkie tends to be a more hypoallergenic dog breed. Thier coat is short so it makes this breed not shed very much. The chorkie is also a very small dog meaning it can get injured very easily. An injury could happen for something as simple as your chorkie jumping off the bed.

A few walks would be just enough for your dog. If you ware your dog out too much, they can get so tired that they will just lay down during the walk. This breed gets along great with other pets and family members. This is a hybrid deer breed that can be hard to find a breeder, so these puppies may give you some trouble to find. A female can have anywhere from three to five puppies in one litter. Well, the obvious relatives that make up this breed are the Yorkshire Terrier and the Chihuahua. This dog is suitable for families and those who suffer from allergies as it is a low-shedding dog. It is more preferable for families with older children as young children can play rough and this dog is particularly fragile.

It also needs to have people around the home as it gets bored easily and tends to bark at the slightest noise when alone. I have one now he is about 14 months old. I got him at the dog pound. I just thought he was cute. I have a Yorkie chihuahua mix dog. Named buddy. He loves adventure and always leaves whenever the door is opened but is back within an hour.

He always wants to leave. They all know buddy, buddy will visit but only if they have a female dog. Buddy has also taking a liking to my very old female pitbull. I have to keep them together to avoid the neighbors complaining. But have to tie him up to avoid him leaving.

Buddy is a handful but we love him. I had my Chorkie for Chico was a roamer if he could wiggle out of the fenced yard. He traveled with me and as soon as I took my foot off the gas he would wake up because he new it was time to potty and get a treat to eat from the drive thru I was grabbing a sandwich at.

He also liked the girls and if he was inside and knew the girl chihuahua was out next door you would have thought he was a basset hound the sound he put out until I let him out. I hope you have your big guy for lots of years. I just got a Chorkie about a month ago. He is our 1st dog. Our family consists of Me Mom , Dad, 2 teenage children. His name is Gizmo. And he has ALOT of energy. I have a Chorkie named Roxie! She is a rescue dog that was found on the streets of Las Vegas. It was very apparent that she had been homeless for quite a while. Roxie is the most loving dog she reminds me of a toddler child.

She seems to be so appreciative that she now has a forever home! Very energetic in spurts, following suddenly wanting to sleep on my lap. Chorkies are possesive of there owners!! They require attention. I have a 1 year old that i got from someone. I finally got him to eat but still working on getting him to go potty. I know he has to adjust but is that part of the process.

Chorkies are very friendly and happy extroverts. Our Peanut is 16 yrs old and has developed a heart murmur and also small seizures related to anxiety or excitement. She just keels over abt 5 seconds duration at a time. She anticipates us and tries to tell us when to go to bed or when to get up, among other things. I no longer let her sleep with me bc of her control issues.

She trusts me to groom her, grinde her nails and descale her teeth. Snapping, nipping or aggressive barking is unacceptable behavior in any breed. The only drawback is her stubbornness and selective hearing. But with patience and treats she becomes very attentive and cooperative.

Yorkshire terrier yorkie chihuahua

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